• 2000 – 2002
  • 2002 – 2005

In 2002 D.J. Goulding tired of the drama of previous message boards he frequented and the chat rooms of Yahoo! Chat were angering him.  Geocities was less than desirable for his website and using his own home server was a headache.  He looked at his spare change, which was all he had, collected it all and paid for hosting.  A few weeks later on June 25th 2002 as the rest of his family was celebrating his nieces first birthday D.J. was registering his domain.  Alterian Legends was born.   He named the website after the story he had been working on most recently.  Shortly after building the website and placing everything up he began work on content.   His comp soon after crashed, taking all of his short stories with it as the years of acting as a home server finally caught up to him.

Loss of all his work caused him to quit.  Only randomly checking on his message board, Chronicles, which was named after the Guardian Chronicles stories he had written years earlier.  D.J. lost contact with the co-founders, with exception of J.E. Stokes who began working on Zygenda’s Story.  It was at this time that D.J. met J.J. and began working with him on his story telling technique.   D.J. began pointing his chat room friends to his message board and small almost meaningless conversations began to take place there.

  • 2005 – 2009
  • And Beyond

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